The Grape Escape

My boss took the managers out on a Grape Escape yesterday and we visited Domaine Drouhin, Domaine Serene and Archery Summit. While we had a ton of amazing Pinot Noirs, I was pleasantly surprised by a chardonnay which is unheard off from a die-hard red fan like myself.

Was really impressed with the company and scheduled a return visit for my team to WillaKenzie , Adelsheim and a yet to be decided on vineyard. Can’t wait!

Abondanza! A Blast from the Past.

Found myself having a conversation with a co-worker who grew up not too far from me in Connecticut. This lead to the inevitable trip down memory lane online via the Springfield Advocate, which is now Valley Advocate.

Got to thinking about local restaurants we used to visit and came across a review of the Lido Ristorante on Worthington Street. I remembering going to eat there before or after hockey games, always on the weekends because the commissioner of the AHL lived in town so home games were on Friday and Saturdays.

Recall one time I went to Lido’s with my dad and step-mom. My boyfriend at the time was bend out of shape I was going to spend time at my dad’s house that weekend, so he drove into the Lido’s parking lot and stole my dad’s license plate. He figured we’d get pulled over and I’d come home that night to be with him – not the first mouse out of the maze that one.

I love being taken down memory lane when you least expect it.

Portland Sushi Goodness

Out for sushi last night, I like to try something new each time. This week was a ton of new stuff. Tri-colored Roe on Rice, Ahi Tuna Salad with Miso, Marinated Oysters with Daikon Radish and Scallop Salad.

The scallops weren’t how most people have come to know them round and the size of dimes or quarters, but just the little pieces of the scallop that is attached to it’s shell. The “hinge” part I guess, at least that’s what I could take away from Master Choi’s broken English. He said he did too much crazy dancing the night before and lost his lapel tag among other things, so his new button said Master Unagi – he’s always a riot.

Tonight is either back to Nicholas’s or the Ethiopian place some of the local LJers recommended.