10 Challenges Digital Marketers Will Face in 2012

At the conclusion of the recent New York City Digital Collective, PepsiCo’s Bonin Bough – Global Director of Digital & Social Media and the other hosts closed the day with a recap of the biggest issues the group shared they will be facing in 2012.

iMedia Connection covered the event and gathered ten of the challenges they voiced.

1. How do we “talk digital” with the C-Suite? How do we help them have a better user understanding of today’s platforms, devices, and services?
2. How do we find the right talent?
3. How are we keeping open communication between digital teams and business teams?
4. What do we do when guidelines and restrictions are slowing down processes? (How do we build trust?)
5. How do we go from innovation to experimentation?
6. How do we make sure advice from both inside and outside the organization is equally weighted?
7. How do we counter an organization’s cultural fear of innovation?
8. How can we develop better dashboards, so we can see real-time innovation progress?
9. How do we best manage project ownership?
10. How do we continue to put consumers ahead of the brand when planning content and campaigns?

How many of these will you face? What else would you add to the list?

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