May The Force Be With You. And Maybe Some Antacid too!

While we were spending some time reading in the living room this afternoon Vivian was pulling out toys from her bins, when out popped – Watto the cup topper. He was followed in short order by Anakin, Queen Padme Amidala, Nute Gunray, Sebulba, Jar Jar Binks and Darth Maul. I had to chuckle a little as I thought back on how we came to get these.

It was 1999, living in LA and working for Razorfish. When Episode One tickets went on sale the whole office was online, on their cell phones and on land lines trying to buy tickets for the show. There were tons of promotions going on but the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Tricon Global) one wasn’t to be beat. A new limited edition cup topper “head” with cup “body” each week highlighting main character and they were different to each restaurant so you could only get 1 a week or until they were gone.

I remember BJ, Tom and myself visiting each location each week to get a new one. Of course by that time I think we had also seen the movie 3 or 4 times too!

Opening night was in Marina Del Rey and that same weekend in Westwood Village, followed by 3rd St. Promenade and Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

We still have a few of the cups around and most of the toppers, but no Mace Windu, R2D2 or Yoda.  Looks like a could get the whole set on eBay for $85 (including straws!) but I’ll settle for the ones I have and the laugh I got thinking about collecting them.

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