Why Marketers Need to Focus on Facebook

Citizens in the United States are driving the global adoption of social media services such as Twitter and Facebook, according to research conducted by the Pew Research Center in December with over 46% engaged in social networking. Last month they released statistics from another internet snapshot with that number now closer to 59% in the US.

The sites that make up “social networking” do vary a bit by country. For example Orkut (by Google) leads the way in Brazil with 8 in 10 people, as a recent comScore study showed. It was also noted that Twitter.com reached 23% of the entire Brazilian online population, making it the highest penetration in the world (the US is about 8%)

In May of this year a research report from Nielsen showed Facebook in the clear lead across all web brands and commenting that “Facebook has become synonymous not only with social media, but with the Web…” The report showed users spend 23% of their time online across the top 10 social networks.

And how is that different from recent years? Citi Investment Research shows us how time spent online has changed from Q3 2006 to Q3 2011. Google and Yahoo – watch out!

Community is where your customers or potential customers are and it’s not necessarily the site you’ve built. Knowing that – what does your Facebook marketing strategy look like?

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