Updating Your Facebook Apps for Secure Browsing

Earlier this year, Facebook announced the availability of secure browsing to further protect the privacy of their users. Once an opt-in feature in your account settings, secure browsing has become much more common as Facebook has promoted the feature more heavily in recent weeks.

If you are using secure browsing you may have noticed that you are now being prompted to browse Facebook pages in secure mode by default which means converting from HTTP URLs to HTTPS. Enabling secure browsing for an account ensures that data cannot be monitored by other users of the network or the ISP. That’s especially useful when public computers or networks are used to connect to Facebook.The apps you build as a Facebook developer also have security options and can deter your users if they are prompted with a security warning when trying to use your apps.

How to update your Apps

At the current time Facebook does not allow API control of these fields, requiring them to be populated manually. This needs to be set within Facebook via the following steps:

  • Go to your Apps in your Facebook Developer account
  • Log into Facebook with the user account that was used to publish the app.
  • Click on the app on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the Edit Settings link on the right.
  • Click the Facebook Integration tab on the left.
  • Copy the URL in the Canvas URL field and paste it into the Secure Canvas URL field.
  • Copy the URL in the Tab URL field and paste it into the Secure Tab URL field.
  • In the Secure Canvas URL field and the Secure Tab URL field, change ‘http’ to ‘https’.
  • Click Save Changes.

If the Tab URL field is blank, copy the Canvas URL and simply append ‘/tab’ to the end and ensure that it does not end with a slash /. For example ‘https://social.webtrends.com/transponder/deploy/facebook/xxxx/tab’.

Have you updated your apps yet?

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