Webtrends Customer Story – National Grid

This customer spotlight is on National Grid – UK’s biggest utility company is also the second largest in the US. More than six million people in the Northeast get their power from National Grid, making it one of the world’s largest shareholder-owned utilities. With electricity and gas rates highly regulated, National Grid is always looking to cut costs.The company wants to bump investor returns for US operations, and is looking to cut $200 million in spending annually. One of many ways they’re trimming costs is to encourage energy efficiency (a natural money-saver for utilities) and switching to electronic statements. Getting customers to switch from paper statements isn’t just eco-hip: e-bills cost $0.40 less per month to produce.

National wanted to measure and improve these campaigns and how visitors used its site overall. But that meant getting many customers registered online first, dealing with IT changes from its recent restructuring, and keeping training time and new equipment purchases to a minimum. National also needed to see how visitors navigated through entire transactions. It wanted to increase site registrations, put energy efficiency information where it would get the best response, and push push push electronic billing.

To learn more about National Grid story – see their full case study here.

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