Engaging the Mobile Experience: Effective Mobile Measurement Strategies

2011 finally the “year of mobile?” Or just the year people stop declaring it’s the year of mobile?

From mobile devices like the iPad, Droid, and Blackberry to mobile sites like FourSquare and mocoSpace to apps like Pandora and Facebook Mobile to mobile advertising platforms like iAd, to a myriad of other devices connecting and delivering ads, content, and compelling user experiences to mobile web and mobile applications, many questions remain unanswered.

Can a brand rely on mobile measurement? What are the obstacles when measuring mobile? Does mobile panel measurement make sense when you can measure the device directly? What tools are the best? How are successful companies measuring mobile? Can you optimize a mobile experience? Experts living and breathing mobile every day will educate and inform you about what to do and how to effectively measure and drive insights from your mobile channel.

Get the answers to these questions from the recent OMMA Metrics panel with Eric Rickson and hosted by Bob Page of eBay

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