What’s New in Mobile and Where You Can Talk to Our Mobile Experts

Eric Rickson, our Director of Mobile Analytics, is speaking at OMMA Metrics tomorrow on Engaging the Mobile Experience: Effective Mobile Measurement Strategies. If you’re in the Bay Area please join us at the Marriott Union Square at 10:45 am.

Last week Mike Ricci, our VP of Mobile, held a webinar with BrightTALK called Can’t Measure Your Mobile Program? Then Don’t Do Them! He covered eradicating data silos, what should be measured and mobile as a part of digital eCRM along with case studies from the brands who understand mobile. You can watch a recording of the webinar in the mobile marketing community.

Mike also provided insights on QR codes in a Huffington Post piece – Boost Your Sales and Enhance Your Brand With Little-Known QR Codes “QR codes hold much more information than their one-dimensional predecessors and their uses are limitless. QR codes, text messaging and these kinds of technologies bring interactivity to (print) ads and facilitate all kinds of advanced engagement.”

Eric and Mike both shared with us what they are watching this week in mobile:

Most Mobile Budgets Under $50K, Growth Expected These are mobile ad budgets. But that not withstanding, our POV is that money will flow into mobile advertising when there’s far greater measurement transparency. Today, most mobile marketers are struggling to measure and this is preventing CMOs from allocating more spend here. Do you agree?

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Don’t Treat Smartphones Like ‘Little PCs’ Some excellent advice from Forrester about the importance of designing mobile-specific experience – don’t try to cram a website into a tiny piece of real estate.

35% of American Adults Have Smartphones The latest Pew Study provides some great insights into how fast we are moving towards smartphones and how consumers are using these devices.

Device Demographics: Part Of Your Strategy? We think this is a step in the right direction but wouldn’t the real valuable data be which devices are trying to engage with your existing sites? Our POV is that good mobile marketing begins and ends with solid mobile analytics. Other than that – it’s educated guesswork. What’s your two cents???

Major Mobile Trends Show Global Mobile Industry is Now The Fastest Growing Market in The World Some important new data that demonstrates beyond a doubt that MOBILE IS THE PLACE TO BE for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve got questions about mobile for our experts or a topic you’d like to see covered here – share your thoughts with us below or any of our social channels (Facebook, Twitter or in our User Forums)

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