Webtrends Wins Mayor’s 2011 International Business Award

Recently the Portland Business Alliance hosted their Annual Business Awards celebrating globally focused businesses. We were thrilled to take home the 2011 Mayor’s International Business Award for Software. Following a video interview clip (below) Mayor Sam Adams presented the award to Alex Yoder, Webtrends President & CEO.

Alex shared his thoughts about receiving the award and attendance at the event “I loved the level of cultural and ethnic diversity in the room – with esteemed colleagues, representatives and consuls from around the world. It made me incredibly proud to be a citizen and business person in such a globally connected city as Portland.”

Members of our international sales and partner teams were present that night along with our executives. Bruce Kenny, our EVP of Technology and Hosted Operations said the evening was a delight and “…was very impressed with the Oregon Consular Corps and their commitment to ensuring Oregon is recognized as a global business center. We are honored to be recognized for our strong international business.”

Many thanks to our customers and partners across the global, along with a special thanks to the teams in the states and across our worldwide offices – Seattle, San Franciso, London, Toyko, Sydney and Uppsala, Sweden.

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