What’s Hot in Mobile This Week

If you didn’t get the chance to see Mike Ricci on Big Brands on Small Screens at BlogWorld in NYC yesterday here are the key takeways from that talk:

  • Plan early! Assume your digital strategy includes mobile and tablet devices, and plan accordingly at the start of campaign planning.
  • Do your homework and follow best practices and a strategy framework – allow audience insights to drive your tactic and technology decisions.
  • Commit to executing a truly mobile strategy including a great user experience.

We’ll have recaps from Justin Kistner and our partner Dennis Yu who were at BlogWorld too.

Mike also shared with us what he is watching this week in mobile:

*Does this iPad2 finally have a formidable competitor? Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition review

*This just underscores how important mobile devices are to retailers … better have a solid smartphone and tablet strategy and an effective means of measuring mobile traffic to enhance user experience. eMarketer: Tablets Beating Smartphones For Mobile Shopping, Commerce | Mobile Marketing Watch

*HTML5 offers a great deal of promise. Whether it will encourage brands to forgo the app store is a question that won’t immediately be answered. But, fascinating to see what’s being done in this arena. Can Modern Mobile Web Apps Loosen Apple’s Grip on Tablet Publishing?

*Not only are smartphone sales up but it’s pretty clear that together with tablets –they are becoming an effective platform in reaching the wealthiest Americans . 61pc of wealthiest Americans own smartphones: study – Mobile Commerce Daily – Research

*Driving the explosive growth of the mobile marketing industry. Smartphone Sales Up 85% Year-Over-Year

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