5 Key Tools for Effective Facebook Marketing

You have a mandate to grow your presence on Facebook, but you’re wrestling with the fundamentals:

* How does Facebook marketing drive value?
* What should it cost?
* What strategies are most appropriate for your brand?
* What kind of results should you expect to see and when?

Last week at Webvisions, we shared the 5 key tools for effective Facebook marketing: Website integration, Pages, Ads, Apps, and Analytics.

To be successful at Facebook marketing is to drive user engagement and to equip your power users to market on your behalf. Thus, smart advertisers leverage Facebook’s ad and application platform to create endorsements that are kick-started with paid media and then spread virally. The takeaways from the session were:

* Website Integration: Like buttons are an extremely powerful tool for marketers. They drive traffic and create audience segments that can power ad targeting. Tap Facebook’s audience through smart integrations with you existing website.

* Pages: Fan pages, place pages, event pages, and more offer different functionality for brands. Set up your brand presence to maximize the kind of value you need. Boost your post quality score to maximize the reach of the wall posts you publish on your pages.

* Ads: How many people are in each demographic or interest category, how many fans do competitors have and why? Segment users into fans, friends of fans, and potential targets by tying in appropriate messages to each group. Image selection: Which images work and why. How to combat ad burnout and create an ad testing framework. Using connection targeting to grow the fan base quickly.

* Apps: Apps are the landing pages for social campaigns. We’ll discuss how to use reveal tabs and social widgets to drive fans on and off the Facebook page, with and without ads. Facebook contest rules: what is allowed and not allowed, plus which strategies drive sharing. Building your email list with Facebook Connect: collect user information without any forms. Other engagement apps: scoring, quizzes, nomination, badging, spin the wheel, face off, and others. In which situations do each of these apps perform best?

* Analytics: What is the value of your Facebook fan page? How to use Facebook Insights and the Post Quality Score metric to measure engagement and troubleshoot problems. Facebook marketing in tandem with other marketing channels: how to attribute credit when there are multiple touches. Determining who are the the most influential fans and how to adjust campaigns to get more of them.

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