Customer Insight : New uses and EU legislation for cookies in B2B Marketing

In a recent article for B2B Marketing Magazine, a UK-publication dedicated to being B2B marketing information resource, focused on coping with new EU legislation.

Conrad Bennett outlines the three steps you need to take:

1. Make sure you are aware of all cookies in use on your site
The legislation includes both your own cookies, which will usually be first-party, and cookies set by any third party. As the site owner, you are responsible for how the cookies are being used and whether you conform to the legislation.

2. Check that your privacy policy is up to date
Ensure you make it clear what information you are collecting, as well as the purpose and the method used. Provide information on how to reject or delete cookies. Install the option to opt-out. Make your privacy policy easy to find from every page.

3. Consider how you use cookies, and all variations of cookies
It should not be necessary for you to stop using cookies, but you need to carefully consider their use, and make it very clear to site visitors that you are using them. Don’t be tempted to start using other methods of tracking such as Flash Local Shared Objects as these are no different from normal cookies as far as the Directive is concerned.

Visit B2BMarketing Online for the full story from Alex Blyth who investigates “Cookies have been with us since 1998 ….why is everyone is suddenly talking about them.”

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