What Was The Buzz At SXSW This Year?

As we’ve seen in recent years, the SXSW conversation happens as much socially as it does at the event itself – maybe even more so. Of course those conversations include the obligatory “SXSW Is Over” comments (I’m loving the article Saying “SXSW Is Over” Is Over with its Portlandia references).

While we were at the event together with the MoFilm, as the sponsor of SouthBytes, we were also monitoring the event buzz. This year people shared their thoughts pretty equally between Twitter and Facebook.

Each year SXSWi brings a bevy of new and updated apps, this year we looked at what was hot before and during the event itself. Instagram moved from 4th to 1st, showing big love for the iPhone app by the Austin audience.

While Techcrunch declared “Before it Even Begins, Apple Wins SXSW” which might be true for iPad2 sales, the brand buzz put Google out in front.

Checking in this year had FourSquare dwarfing local-favorite Gowalla. Seth Priebatsch said We’ll All Be Playing Games Soon but SVNGR checkins registered only a blip.

And what those checkins, tweets and Facebook posts said differed from day to night:

All data was gathered using Webtrends Social Measurement & analysis conducted by Webtrends analysts.

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