Webtrends Customer Story – City of Calgary


One of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Canada, Calgary, Alberta has grown to a population of almost one million in 2002. The City of Calgary web portal hosts and links to content, services, commerce activities and the Calgary Online Store.

In order develop the new portal around actual visitor behavior and to ensure the new site was meeting citizens’ needs, The City needed insight into visitor behavior, as well as a web metrics solution that would turn the site’s parameterized URLs into meaningful analysis.

With Webtrends insight, The City of Calgary:

  • Gained meaningful analysis of its dynamic content with SmartSource Data Management
  • Realized a large growth in use of the site features by designing them based on actual visitor behavior
  • Based decisions about what to feature on the homepage on objective web metrics about what content visitors were most interested in
  • Delivered critical information to various business users quickly and easily with Customizable Dashboards, allowing them to identify patterns and unusual trends in activity, then dig deeper for more information on what caused them
  • Proved the benefit of a 24/7 web portal to funders by pointing out the heavy activity outside normal business hours
  • Demonstrated the value of its navigation system by tracking the various ways visitors navigate to the same content

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