PDXdebrief Recap and Video

We’re all still reeling a little from the big changes that came out of Chirp and F8 in recent days. It’s going to take awhile to understand their full significance and implications for social media lovers, users and marketers. So with beers in our hands and curiosity in our hearts, the Portland marketing and geek community gathered last night on the 16th floor of Webtrends for #pdxdebrief. We debriefed, debunked and occasionally waxed prophetically about what the heck happened to Facebook and Twitter and what the heck it might mean. Watch the full video of last night here.

Some of the key takeaways that we saw:

Facebook Privacy Changes – the 24-hour rule on storing user profile data is gone. Now when users allow your application, you can store their profile data as long as you want. And Facebook doesn’t have any rules on how you can (or can’t) use that data, opening up a potential treasure trove for marketers and a Pandora’s box for privacy advocates (imagine online lead gen without forms, direct marketing messages inside of Facebook, the list goes on…).
Promoted Tweets and Resonance – Now you can pay for your tweet to appear at the top of a search result. That’s called a Promoted Tweet. Seems straightforward, but the concept of Resonance is where things get interesting. If your promoted tweet doesn’t have enough resonance, Twitter will no longer show it. Your resonance score is based on several factors including how many people replied or retweeted your post, clicked on your links or otherwise engaged with your tweet.
Twitter Annotations – Annotations will let developers attach any kind of metadata to tweets, not just geography and Twitter client like we currently see. Soon you’ll be able to attach news, media files, shout-outs, locations and all kinds of other metadata . This data can then be searched on, filtered, categorized and manipulated.

Of course, much more was heard and said (#pdxdebrief on Twitter). Did you attend last night’s debrief? What do you think of the new changes? Is privacy really gone?

Given the good turnout and strongly positive feedback we saw on Twitter about this debrief event, we’re going to do this again. In fact, we’re thinking it would do well as a regularly recurring series. We had a few thoughts about how we can make it better, but we’re really interested in your feedback. Here are some of our thoughts to get the discussion started:

  • Start earlier but cutting the mingling time to 30 mins instead of an hour.
  • Have smaller breakout discussions after the debriefing to allow for more focused discussion.
  • Stream the event live.

Can you please take a moment and share your ideas in a comment below?

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