pics from mom – hot squirrel

mom’s got all kinds of wildlife at her house (she lives in the berkshires in mass.) so she snaps quite the number of photos of the animals in/around her house. i was giving her crap last week that she didn’t get closer to the bear on her back porch because the picture was really fuzzy. hey at least the children’s gate on the front porch keeps the bear from stealing her birdhouses =) any hoo here’s the shot she sent over the weekend. don’t know about the weather there, but her in portland it was HOT HOT HOT!

mom says ” the little guy is eating away,stretched out in what I call the frog postion,flat on the stomach back legs apart….my dogs do that, but never seen a squirrel.It is kinda hot and humid aready this am, so maybe he was sun bathing…or just lazy”


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