Forestry Center, Multnomah Falls and Mt. Hood

Last day of the DiBo’s being in town and we had a full day of fun all over the Cascades! First stop was the World Forestry Center in Washington Park. I wasn’t sure how interested I’d be in it, but was pleasantly surprised at the interactivity they had and how interested all of what the world does with Forestry which was highlighted at the Discovery Museum we went to.

I really dug the simulation of what smoke jumpers do and trying to land on the mark  in a parachute. Closest I got was a little under 200 feet. John was much better at 100 feet, but Joe kicked all our asses by getting 5 feet from the mark. Upstairs in the center was forestry around the world, a train in Russia, a canopy crane in the Rain Forests of Brazil, a boat ride in China and in this picture a land rover/safari in Africa.
Deb and Vaughn mug for the camera, while the baby girl show Daddy her driving skills.

Next stop before Multnomah falls was Arabian Breeze on Broadway in Portland, one of our favorite places to eat. Can’t get enough of the sajh and zahtar to start with and then on to the kibbah snack. Yum Yum.

After the lunchtime fest it was off towards the falls and the neat drive out there.  A quick stop on the way at the Vista House where Joe, Vaughn and Deb got out to walk around a bit.

The snoozies – John and Vivian stayed in the car. Viv slept almost until the first fruit farm we hit.  Vaughn crashed after the Vista house himself.

Joe, Deb and I headed up to the falls. Got a few photos at the lower part of the fall and then took the quick walk up to the bridge for some more pictures.

Joe got a lot of great shots of the foligage along the way. You can check out more in my photo gallery of each day.

We took the rest of the scenic drive to Hood River, a quick stop at the Starbucks and then it was up the mountain for the “Hood River Fruit Loop” I must admit part of the fun was just saying it. There was a bunch of fruit farms along the way and we stopped for some home baked cookies at one of them before heading up to Timberline to see some snow and visit the lodge. Vaughn and Viv totally dig hanging out together.

After the visit to the lodge and some dinner we headed back down the mountain to go home. Deb, Joe and Vaughn left in the early am for Vermont and we miss them terribly already. Although we won’t miss them for too long as they’ll be joining us again for our next vacation in the winter. Woo Hoo – a fun time was had by all.

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