Downtown and Rose Garden

The boys heading out into the woods to play airsoft. John set up a man-hunt in Estacada, he and Joe spent most of the day up there. Deb, Vaughn, Viv and I headed out to visit some of the Portland site. We hit the Hawthorne District for a little bit of shopping and then lunch. Afterwards we went over to the other side of town to spend some time in the Rose Garden. The Rose Festival was going on so the place was packed with people. We walked through the gardens and then over to NW 23rd for some coffee and more shopping.

Once the boys got back in town we all napped and then headed over to Benihana for birthday dinner for Viv and Vaughn. Viv ate everything put in front of her – rice, shrimp, steak, lobster, squash, onions, tofu and even some ice cream for dessert. We had a blast hanging out.

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