Baby Girl’s B-Day Party

Bright and early headed out to pick up the birthday cakes. One for Vivian – TinkerBell and one for Vivian/Vaughn – Pooh and Piglet. Was hoping for Pooh/Tigger and Powerpuff Girls, but couldn’t get those and ice cream cake so had to compromise. 

Had Viv’s birthday party at the bowling alley here in town. Figured the girls threw me a baby shower there, so a first birthday party was right in line. There was a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while either. First to arrive was Sara, Josh, Brian, Emily and Luke (Josh and I worked together at Tranxtion). Luke is just 8 weeks old and quite the cutie. Josh told me the whole story about how Sara wouldn’t name him Han Solo Graham, but who know sounds like someone might be getting a new name for their first birthday =)

Sarah and her nephew came, he was the cutest and gave Miss Viv a kiss when he arrived. Our neighbors Chris, Summer, Gabby, Maddy and Jonah came too, I remember when each of them were Viv’s age. Yvonne stopped by to grab a slice and let us know that Alexis, Jacob, Tater-Tot and Michael all had the flu so she was leaving them at home and escaping to visit us.

James, Jason and Jason’s new beau came as well. John’s known them since they’ve been teenagers so it’s hard to believe Jason is eeking up on 30. I don’t think I’ve seen that whole crew together since they were all coming over for dinner and Band of Brothers for 3 months. Jason said Tiffany is thinking of moving to Wilsonville, so we’ll have to reach out to her.

Deb, Joe and Vaughn came out and we had a special guest star in from Seattle – Ms Smart Pants – Jen Blackwell! She drove down to hang out with us and then came over after the party and kicked it with me for a bit. Sounds like the Blackwells might head back to California – San  Diego this time. It was a great time talking with her.

Jim, Tracy, Sam and Matt (who graduated last weekend) came down from Estacada for the afternoon. Jim got a hold of the toy rockets in the goody bags and fired one off that landed 10 lanes down the bowling alley. Nice one Jim!  Zoila stopped by for a few too.  She gave Vivian the cutest green dress and a singing frog that speaks English/Spanish. It was a nanny vs. manny when Jared grabbed the baby girl for some games in the arcade. Mama Lisa came by after taking Camille (her kitty) to the vet and commented on Sarah’s jumpsuit present for Viv – “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” I love pop culture.

Sykes and Steph car-pooled from NE and hung out for a while before heading to the Rose fest. Mark was huuung over but still got the peanut smiling. He, Steph and Jared all bowled together. Vivian took it all in, being passed from person to person smiling and squawking the whole team.

Just went we though seeing people we hadn’t seen in a while was over with the party, we ran into the Sherman’s at dinner. John’s best friend from college John Sherman, wife Kari and their 3 kids were at Buster’s BBQ after their son’s T-Ball game. What a small world. We pulled a couple of tables together and caught up with them as well. Best bumper sticker in the parking lot (mostly full of trucks) Bush gives Pussy a Bad Name – ah welcome to America ya’ll stay a while!!

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