More Water Kitties

Woke up early and well-rested. There’s something about sleeping on the water that lulls you to sleep through the night. I don’t even think Viv got out in the night at all, maybe a peep for a binky but I don’t even recall. What a blissful night sleep. Joe made breakfast for all of us and we kicked back for a little while. He and Vaughn hit the beach while the rest of us got ready. John/Joe got some beach balls when they went out last night, Viv/Vaughn were enjoying chasing them around the cabin.

Next stop was the NewPort aquarium just a bit further south from Lincoln City. We saw more water dogs (sea lions) and water kitties (otters) so Viv/Vaughn were stoking. Viv’s eye got so big watching all the fish swim by and giggled along through out the visit. John got her a water kitty at the gift shop and she hugged it all day long.  She’s still hugging it – it’s the cutest thing.

Lunch was at Moe’s in NewPort, the annex over the water. The neat thing about having both of them at lunch is you can order one kids meal and at thier age they can total share. So Mac and Cheese with Green Beans was on the menu for the lil one’s at lunch. John had steamers – can’t get enough of them and we had a nice time hanging out.

It was getting to be nap time so we decided to head back inland and let the kids sleep on the way. And sleep they did! Vaughn got up about 20 mins before we hit Wilsonville, but snoozing Viv slept the whole way. Nothing like a little napping after a big lunch. They are adorable in the car together. Joe/Deb rented a mini-van and the 2 car seats were in the second row next to each other. Viv and Vaughn would hold hands at different times through out our trips. Sharing blankets, maracas and even the occasional bottle.

Dinner was the standard Friday fare at Red Robin. Princess Viv was treated to balloons and singing. And then a long line of kisses from at least 5 of the waiters/waitresses. Everyone said the same thing, they couldn’t believe it had been a whole year. Then of course the demands that I get started on another little bundle of cuteness. Please – are they getting cues from the grandparents?

Joe and John watched the kids while Deb and I hit the movies to see Sex and The City. It was pretty good, seemed to drag out a bit in parts but overall I dug it. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was – a ton of women who were probably heading out for cosmo’s after wards. 

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