Grammy’s B-day and Heading to The Coast

No trip to Oregon is complete without heading out to the coast. We headed out mid-morning for Lincoln City and stopped Spirit Mountain Casino for lunch along the way. I was amazed that not a single bathroom had a changing table, but then again it’s not a total family destination. We retaliated by letting the kids trash the restaurant =) Just kidding – they didn’t trash it but two 1-year olds having lunch in a high-chair there is going to be a bit of a mess. The perks of eating out *grin*

Arrived at the coast around 3pm. It was a bit overcast and rainy, but beautiful none the less. We stayed right on the water, a little cabin/house called the Ester Lee. Perfect for having the munchkins, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a ton of space for crawling around. It was a great balance between renting a house for the night or staying in a hotel/condo room. John and I are thinking it would be a great place to hit again for a a few days.

After some napping we headed out to celebrate the newest DiBernardo – yes that’s right Deb took a test in the am and a test again this afternoon. Her and Joe will be adding to the lil’ munchkins in the house in about 8 months. Dinner was a little steak joint over looking the river. Ms. Viv went to town eating her pasta, which she usually does. Oooohhh – who’s Mommies little piggy?

We staying up past our bed time a bit (yes, 10 pm – am I pathetic or what?) watching the sunset – close to 9:30 and sitting by the fire in the big chairs. Life doesn’t get much better than snuggling with your sweeties on the coast. Keep the windows a bit cracked overnight to listen to the waves. We were on the side of a cliff about 100 feet up from the water – it was a neat sight.


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