Yum Yum – some Starbucks to start the day and then it’s off to the zoo. We were originally thinking about the Japanese Gardens, but Deb suggested the zoo might be fun. I wasn’t sure the kids would check things out and hang – wow was I wrong. Vivian especially enjoyed the “underwater kitties” or as you and I call them “an otter”. It was pretty amusing everything to Vaughn was pretty much a dog and to Viv everything was a tiger. Except the chimps, gorillas, mandrills and orangutans – they were all monkeys.

By the petting zoo there was an old tractor we got pictures. When Viv sat down the first thing she did was grab the steering wheel and the second thing was lean down to change the gear with the shifter. Oh yeah John was thrilled, she’ll be learning how to drive a stick in no time. Zoila came with us for the day and fun was had by all.

Deb, Joe and Vaughn came over for dinner that night and we plotted/planned the rest of the activities. Like any dinner with 2 little kids, we were all up, down and switching chairs through the meal. It’s really nice having someone with a kid the same age. Viv and Vaughn played around in the living room.  Vaughn would pull all the blocks/toys out of the school bus wagon and Viv would put them back in. 

A match made in heaven!

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