Sniffle Sniffle

snort snort – sniffle sniffle. yes that’s right it’s cold time! i got it first, passed it to the wee one and now big daddy has got it. we are soo fun, snotty and crank-tastic! baby’s ALWAYS love love love the lil’ blue snotter, but now it’s even more fun. would it be wrong to put her cute lil’ sniffling head into a vise **just for a sec** so I can de-booger her without yoga-like contortions? ah the wonders of being a mommy huh?

got to work half-day last Monday and this Monday agan. i’ve been updating my website while i’ve got some down time and putting together the books i’ve read and/or want to get viv. and of course as you can see in my photo album there are more peanut pictures. grammy has requested even more so i’m off to snap….er snap photos i mean.

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