it’s easy to see

If someone ever was to ask me why I married John – today would be a perfect example.

I knew when I saw a friends son wearing the cutest Halloween costume last year what I was going to be buying for my son/daughter this year. It is a “pea in the pod” outfit, they are zipped up in the “pod” and it has three peas on the front. John got it for Vivian a few months ago when I mentioned it.

We had a big family/friends Halloween party at work today and John brought Vivian over to the office for the event (pictures to follow). When they walk in they are all smiles and in costume. I get closer and see she has a mark on her face like a football player – a thick grease paint streak under her eye. I ask John what it was about and he replies “She’s a Black Eyed Pea”.

That boys and girls is why I married him!

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