and the peanut keeps growing

brought the lil’ bean in for her 4 month check up today. she is now 12 lbs/13 ounces and 23 inches – wow i guess my bonsai methods are definitely not working. got a few more pics to upload later tonight. ms viv is now completely enamored of her toes and frequently is holding on to them, trying to stick them in her mouth. not that there’s ever room as she’s usually got everything else that isn’t nailed down already crammed in her fist trying to eat it. one of her favorites right now is the soccer ball rattle Rock and Stacey got her as well as a Tiny Love Froggy with stripes and rings on his feet. been talking to some people about watching her for a few hours a day so john can tinker in the garage more. got in her calling cards this week (yes, i am completely jackass – and they are the cutest things in the world!!) everyone is cracking up about them. i’ll have to scan one and upload it.

in the non-baby world (can you imagine? there actually is one, i swear!) I’m meeting with jen next week to discuss the strategist position. i think I’ll be able to do some really cool work and get my brain rocking n rolling. john is getting ready for an event next weekend in scappose or mulino – i can never remember. i guess our use of the google calendar needs to improve or it’s back to the whiteboard. one way or the next we’ll get jelling on our schedules. thinking about a haircut but not sure what I’m in the mood for. if i had a stylist i’ve worked with for a while I’d let them go to town but i haven’t found one i like yet. c’est la vie.

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