the things that amuse

Vivian is lying in her bed starring at the ceiling fan in Terry/Kim’s living room. Actually she’s chatting with it as well =) She started giggling and smiling more regularly now. Kimberley gets her chatting up a storm. Terry, Kim and John hit a bday party last night for a little while and Viv/I hung out at the house and caught up. It’s been a week and I’ve been able to hold her maybe once. The relatives were definitely smitten with her.

Dad and Mom of course were a whole different story. I think Mom bribed a TSA at the airport to find out the exact second I landed and Dad wouldn’t let me even touch the car seat the whole time. At one point I was leaning on the door, he jumped out of the car (I’m not sure we had come to a complete stop, the car wasn’t in park yet) and opened the back door to grab Vivian and I almost flew out into the front yard of his house. Well, at least I know she’s very very loved.

Still have a lot of fun times to talk about. We were down in Philly for 3 days, then Vermont for 5 days (one with Deb, Joe, Ruthie and Vaughn) and now here in Granby for a few. Viv had her first date on Thursday with an older boy – he was about 10 days older. Wow the stories to tell and I’ve got a few snapshots of them too.

I’m going to crash back out, it’s a little after 7am here. Viv is starting to quiet down a bit and I’m going to get some more sleep.

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