fun stuff back east

have a ton of photos, but have to wait until i’m home so i can download them all. flew into philly on friday and was pick up at the airport by captain underpants and the camp poopy pants bus. you really have to see pictures to fully appreciate the whole story but let’s just say i’ve got a very unique family. both brothers were wearing police helmets, my niece had a furry black top hat on and my sister/law looked like a refugee from a village people/abba concert.

we hit the event the next day. it was my aunt jeannie & uncle denny’s 45th wedding anniversary and my cousins (their daughters) turned it into a family reunion/surprise party. my cousins andrew/katherine came in from irvine california, jimmy/jacqueline & kids (james jr., rachel, lauren and the lil’ one) from houston texas, maureen/tim & girls (katie n jenny) from new hampshire,, sharon/ted w/christopher from  connecticut, aunt judy/uncle greg from massachusetts, aunt janet and ed from texas and the girls/cousins all live in or around narberth/philly.

alright the baby girl is wanting some attention so i’ll be back later to fill in the rest.

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