Grandma, IKEA and More

John’s parents have been in town for the past week visiting Viv and us. We’ve had a great time, even took Ms. Vivian on her first picnic and trip to the new IKEA out by the airport. Grandma made the baby girl a cootie preventer/shopping cart cover and got a great wall hanging from Kathy Allen. It’s a whole ton of nursery ryhmes and they are sitched around each one. Hung it up right over the crib in her room.

Had a second interview with the downtown software company and hope to meet with them in person before we leave for our trip on Friday. Also meet with a place in Lake O that is part time and right down Stafford Road.

Earlier in the week I grabbed lunch with Skye, we were going to talk some work but had much more fun just catching up. While I don’t miss the drama of that place I do definitely miss the people. Was able to catch up with Kara too the following day. In the meantime I’ve still got a few thank you cards to finish off and then hit the hay. For those of you that are interested in more baby girl photos click here or on the photo of the lil’ snorfler below

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