Car Hopping and Pants Dropping

hit the sonic burger yesterday. all the time spent in so. California and i think i hit the drive-in sonic just once. was thinking about doing the whole stall/car-hop thing, but there was a picnic table open and did that instead. so i guess that makes it table-hopping, because they still came out on skates. there were a few with skates and a few with blades. only saw 1 person with just shoes on – spoil sport!

after that we took a long drive through hazeldale, scholls, sherwood and the likes. there are a ton of blueberry, raspberry, marionberry and other berry farms out there. john said that he and his mom use to go out there a lot and go to the u-pick places – sounds like a fun afternoon. i just dug on the drive/scenery it was a great time. i remember when john and i were first dating we took a road trip, though i don’t remember to where, but i do remember we were listening to an 80’s station and singing at the top of our lungs. i knew we were perfectly matched =) i really think you get to know a person when you take a vacation, road trip or something where you are spending a lot of time together. i think it can make or break a relationship (like dumping Brian in Greece on our trip)

the weather has been really hot and trying to keep cool. Vivian has just been kicking it with just her bottoms on, of course then people say “what a cute boy” – nope she’s just a naked girl *grin* although yesterday she was wearing this lil’ outfit that Travis and Krista got her that has dogs driving cars and someone still said “cute boy” sure i know at this age babies look like babies, it’s hard to tell what sex, but at the same time i’m not going to be dressing her in pink all the time just so people can identify gender. john and i were talking about that the other day when we bought some bottles that had airplanes on them instead of flowers. hell some of my favorite toys when i was a kid were big metal tonka toys and my dad’s army gear. screw stereotypes!

One thought on “Car Hopping and Pants Dropping

  1. Good for you!

    Personally, and I know this will come as a COMPLETE shock to you and John, but I loved GI JOE action figures and toys. I love that you guys are mixing it up for little Viv!

    Hugs..Jenni Sassypants

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