Father’s Day

John wanted to get up this morning and spend some time with Vivian. We surprised him with a card in her bed – it was from the “Toot-Toot” express which is completely appropriate considering her surprising ability to toot like a trucker. John swore when we were in Newberg the other day he was getting ready to apology for himself because people just weren’t going to believe a little thing like her was responsible. His father’s day breakfast consisted of mint ice cream drum sticks ( hey it’s his day he gets to pick) and soda. They watched Big Fish and hung out most of the morning. 

Now I’m kicking it with the lil’ munchkin, catching up on emails and other stuff. We are thinking about an adventure out to Target this afternoon. Wow, who would have thought that was going to be the day’s excitement. Feeling pretty human again and getting back my groove. We’ll go see Jody on Wednesday and see how things are going. Considering I’ve been pretty house bound for the past few weeks there’s not much else to add at the moment. 

Here’s wishing you and yours a great father’s day! Enjoy it!

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