and so it began…

Lil’ princess is still getting use to her new surrounding and has been “acclimating” by loud screeches through out the day. For the most part during the morning and afternoon she was sleeping, cooing a bit and having some booby. After dinner we spent the rest of the night until bedtime walking and singing through the hallway. John’s amazing with her – hell he’s amazing with me and “his girls” made it through the night ok.

Yvonne and Crystal came up to see the Vivian. Crystal was commenting that Kayla is now 1 year old and she can’t remember her ever being as small as Vivian. They both oohed and aahed while John played with Taylor (and MoJo, Lumpy and the little mice) she’s another cute red head.

Today is some relaxing going on and got a call from a recruiter this morning so waiting on a job description to come by.

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