and the beat goes on

Got the lil’ munchkin home with us yesterday. Had a pretty uneventful night, but a little fussy after 4am until we got up. Lisa, Jared and Angie came to visit yesterday. Angie used to own a little coffee house and brought over the best chicken artichoke soup with molasses bread. yum yum yum – she’s my new favorite best friend

Everyone is loving the little cutie as well as her name. Aunt Judy said grandma would be “over the moon” to know we named our daughter after her. Her middle name comes from John’s mom and as he puts it “We are honoring some amazing women”.

Speaking of amazing women, John has been reaching out to different friends (Tiff, Lisa,¬†Keller, Yvonne)¬†and letting them know he wants his daughter surrounded by strong women so they need to come hang. Of course in the same breath we were giggling because I think every woman we consider a friend would also be considered a strong woman. He said he just wants to make sure ‘Our Village’ has a lot of role models for Vivian.

This morning Franchot, Ed, Hunter and Marley came over to bring something pink for the princess. She now has 3 pink outfits, they say – Drama Queen, High Maintenance and Spoiled (in rhinestones). So when we were drinking coffee I was sure to being using my “It’s Good to be The Queen” mug. They were off to lunch and then to get their wedding bands. They put an offer on a place in Vegas on Weds and it’s been accepted. Franchot’s house here in Beaverton closes the last weekend in June (or first of July) so we’ve got precious time left to spend drinking before she moves *grin*

As they were leaving Jim, Tracey, Sam and her friend Erin stopped by, it was great to see them as well and hopefully once I’m up and about we’ll be able to visit more with them to catch up. All and all everyone was pretty in and out, so John, Viv and I are spending some quality time hanging out today. Right now John’s snoring at the end of the bed, Viv is squeaking in her little snuggle me close co-sleeper and I’m updating my LJ. Ah – life is good!!

More photos to follow soon.

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