3 thoughts on “As Promised

    • Re: Congrat’s!!!!

      That she does including the red hair (what John’s would be if he had any *grin*) and his little monkey feet. She was hooking her 2 big toes together the other day. I’m hoping she’ll get my eyes and smarts, as far as humor goes we are both twisted so who ever she gets it from won’t matter. We’ll catch up soon and bring her by TCore for a visit.

  1. WOW Kiddo!

    Hey there Kiddo…or should I say HI MOMMY!!! Hehheh. hmmmmmmm speaking of rocks from your head, you sure you didn’t throw a few of those at me when we were kids? Haha. SURPRISE! your mom emailed, and gave me the link. I’m going to try to ring you in about ten minutes.BTW since I’m not a user and don’t have a url, I just chose anonymous. But I’ll give ya’ another hint…Godsista!hehe getting off here to ring you now.

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