Million Years Later

Despite the fact I log onto the site every day and read what everyone else has been up to, I never seem to get to posting myself. Figured I’d catch everyone up on the last few months – 9 months to be exact. I am pregnant and due any day now.Found out in October when I was eating one of my favorite dinners and felt like I was going to hurl because of the smell. 2 tests later it was confirmed (yes Virginia you can actually mess up peeing on a stick) and I was off on this adventure. The first 3/4 months were a little hairy with nausea, but thankfully that was over quickly and everything has been great ever since. It’s funny, a lot of people seem to be a bit amazed I’m not whining, bitching, swelling and cranky all the time – but I can honestly say I feel fine. Sure there have been some mood swings – crying to laughing within a single breath – but if I knew it was like this I might have thought of doing it earlier.

I’ve got a great midwife and she’s been a real treat to work with. She said she’s looking forward to the birth because I seem so laid back and ready to roll with it. I’m going to try it without induction methods and see how that works, but I told her if I’m in pain I’m screaming for drugs *grin* she said I’d be surprised what and how much a person can go through with it. Hell women have been doing this for millions of years so it’s not like it’s unique to me or hasn’t happened before =)

We moved into a bigger place so we could have a home office and a baby’s room. It’s cute and really has come together in the past few weeks since the shower. I went from primary colors and ABC’s to green/blue and a safari theme. Janice/Weav’s got the cutest “No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed” plaque and now I seem to be collecting monkeys like a mad woman. Speaking of the shower, it was throw by Franchot a few weekends back and was faboo. It deserves it’s own entry so I’m going to leave it at this for now and be back later to drop some more information on ya.

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