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wow – when I take a leave, it’s months huh? someone told me a good way to keep updated is cut/paste some of the contents of recent emails, as I’m better at updating with those.

any hoo, here I am in the early am when out of no where I become obsessed with finding a movie that was loosely based on Bill Graham’s winterland new years eve parties. all i can remember is a character named “piggy” and imdb comes through. piggy = Lee Ving and the movie = Get Crazy (1983). ever seen it?

well it’s got Paul Bartel in it as well and that starts me down the Eating Raoul  and Mary Woronow path. I swear it was Mary in “But I’m A Cheerleader” but it was Cathy Moriarty it was Mary in Devil’s Rejects though.

ok I’m done with the LJ/IMDB link-a-thon, but now I’ve got a ton of cult classics running through my brain.

A whole ton I remember seeing in the early 80’s on USA’s Night Flight, when it was very music movie oriented – before it was turned into “Up All Night”.

You have a favorite from that time? Me? Ladies and Gentleman – The Fabulous Stains!!

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  1. I just saw Mary in “Prison a go-go”

    She turns in a touching and heartfelt performance as “Dyanne She-Bitch Slutface”…

    You might recognize someone from “Up all Night” in it too 😉

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