Mixed Tape Circa 1996

Opened the bench that sits in my hallway, totally forgot it had a drawer into. Achoo! After the dust settles, I find my old Walkman in there with a mixed tape from Jay circa 1996. A few minutes later after finding batteries for it and I’m listening away.

I have quite a few on CD or iTunes but think it would be fun to find the rest. Here’s what is on it:

Single gun theory – transmission
john Lennon – look at me
Joe Henry – trampoline
Vanessa Daou – long tunnel of wanting you
Pete Townsend – popular
Mike watt – Chinese fire drill (with frank black)
john Lennon – real love
Cowboy junkies – something more besides you
everything but the girl – we walk the same line
Leonard Cohen – The future
Lou Reed – sweet jane (extended concert verison)
The beatles – i want you
cibo matto – beef jerky
Unknown – Welcome to your nightly (a ton of horns and reggae style rapping in some parts)

If you know what the last song might be – please let me know

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