The World Outside My Window

Just got back from a meeting (what – a meeting how unlike me) and noticed a mud hen in the creek/marsh building a new nest. Because of the rain today, I think their existing nest might have been washed out. However for a new nest, he/she picked a location smack dab in the middle of the creek to build. It’s interested to watch, he/she moved the babies to the location first and now has spent the last hour swimming around, grabbing one reed at time and swimming back to put it on the nest.

I say “he/she” because last time I watched one of them build a nest, it was pre-birth and the mom was sitting on the nest and the dad was bringing reeds over. This time there is just one of them and my binoculars aren’t that powerful.

Of course looking for a photo of them lead me to the toledo mud hens and then I got started thinking about Klinger on M*A*S*H . I love just surfing and seeing where the web takes me, or my mind for that matter.

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