Emmett Otter and The Synapses Misfire

At work looking out the window of my office and I see 2 otters playing in the creek. My mind goes right here….

Emmet Otter and his Ma are dirt-poor, but very happy and good singers. Christmas is around the corner, both of them want to get something special for each other and the talent show prize is $50! So, Ma gets a song ready, and Emmet forms a jug-band with his friends. But the Riverbottom Gang, a bunch of rich kids with killer electric band equipment are going to be tough competition.

They decide to compete in the Frog Town Hollow Talent Contest in order to win money, but Ma will have to hock Emmet’s tool chest to buy a costume, and Emmet will have to put a whole in Emmet’s washtub for his band!

Kermit the Frog hosts this classic Muppet musical Christmas tale, based on the book by Russell and Lillian Hoban, with original songs from master tune-smith Paul Williams

I love random thoughts.

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