Afternoon at the Ballet

Had lunch at Stanford’s before seeing the matinee of the Oregon Ballet Theatre, the fall program opened last night at the Keller. Marley, Abby and Stasha were all frilly in pink, black, white and lots of tulle.

The program was in 3 parts called “Movement as Metaphor”

CONCERTO BAROCCO – Johann Sebastian Bach / George Balanchine. Stark and pretty with the soloists dancing the parts of the two violins and the corps de ballet represented the orchestra)

ORPHEUS PORTRAIT – Franz Liszt / Kent Stowell. It ended with Eurydice on the river Styx, great effects with a long flowing ribbon, wind and lighting.

SWAN LAKE, ACT III – Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky / Christopher Stowell. The last act with the Black Swan and all the courtiers/entertainers from Spain, Naples, Russia and Hungary gathered in a lavishly decorated castle hall to see Prince Siegfried pick a bride.


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