Tigger Thoughts from John

Yesterday, I witnessed the passing of one of the world’s greatest souls. This individual gave unconditionally of him self to his fellow beings. He was more human than most humans are. He was known by several names: Tiger, Tigger, Tigger Rue, Rue, Rue Cat, Stinky, Stinky Cat, Mr. Stinky, Poopoo, Poopoo Butt, Dingle Berry Kitty, Rocket Cat. He was more commonly known as Tigger. Tigger will be remembered by all of those who met him. He will be survived by several friends and loved ones. He will be remembered warmly by his fellow companions: Lumpy of five years, Tasha for two years and Mojo of six months. Tigger was also survived by his two owners Michele and myself.

Tigger came into this world as he left it, purring and being loved. His early moments aren’t recorded; so much of it is little know. He was conceived in the regular feline way. Two cats in the moonlight, one male and one female. He was born with several other brothers and sisters. Once the litter was ready to be weaned; some caring human being brought the litter to the Humane Society of Salem.

At the Humane Society of Salem, at the Salem City Center Mall, is where Tigger and I first met. I was with my first wife and stepdaughter, we all decided to see if we could find a pet to help our new family over a large bump in the relationship. There we were looking from cage to cage, interrupting kittens and cats in their play or slumber. Some sort of voyeur into their world, to them meant warmth, food, love, shelter and a few away to a good life.

This was what Tigger must have been experiencing while he waited his fate of me and other coming into his life. The cages were in three rows and inset in the wall. A shield of plexiglass was the only barrier from their world and ours. Tigger was stretched out, relaxing from a long play session with one of his siblings. Around the corner my family came peering right into his living room. That is the moment that I first saw Tigger. There he was long and stretched out in his napping state. He may have been two or three months old at the time. Crested in swirls of orange, white and red was he. Patterns so delicate and precise that god took his time mapping out and painting this being.

At this first glimpse I knew that he was the cat for me. We got the attention of an attendant and pointed Tigger out to see what type of cat he was. The attendant ushered us into the back room and bought him in to greet us. He lay in the attendant’s arm as if he was a baby. We passed him around and found that he was quite at ease with the three of us. That when we started the adoption process to take him home. After an interview with the Humane Society and given them some money. They wrapped Tigger up for us to take home. Once through the threshold of our home Tigger became a part of our family. Early on Tigger demonstrated a love of life.

He went peacefully and loved this afternoon. It pains me a bit; he was my first cat ever. Him and I had shared a very bumpy journey, through separations, a child, a divorce and several relationships. He was my guide on tell who were good people and who were bad, a great judge of character he was. When I was in the deepest of my downs he was there just being himself. Little he knew the support he gave me to go on with my life. Tiger even pick Michele out for me, on first meeting he took to her. In his way he was telling me that I could trust her. I may seem silly to mourn a Orange cat like this, I mourn more for the soul he had.

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