the nibbler

i lost one of my friends yesterday – i had to put my big orange kitty to sleep. he caught a virus after his surgery last month. john is heartbroken and both of us are in a bit of a daze. whose going to come into the bedroom every night purring and curl up on my shoulder?

i’m going to miss him sitting in the window during the summer making chirping sounds trying to attract the birds. curling up in a ball on his back, tittling his head and looking all innocent after he has escaped or knocked something over. his musty belly smell. nibbling on my rings, my nose, my ears or chin in the middle of the night or early moring when he wants some attention. coming into the bathroom and knocking stuff in the toilet. sniffing john’s head and then chewing on his glasses.

i’m going to miss so much about him. i got the chance to see him and cuddle yesterday morning. he was in a bit of discomfort, but thankfully no pain yet. he stuck out his chin like he does and i was scritching under it until he started to purr like a train. his purrs are soo nice.

he wasn’t just a cat, he was my friend. he was a great judge of character, loved playing with kids, knew just when you needed some love and demanded to be pet at that exact moment. he was compassion and sweet, there will never be another big orange kitty like him. he was a kind soul and i can’t wait to see him again someday.

goodbye my big stinker, my lil’ poo kitty, tinky tinky… cat Tigger

4 thoughts on “the nibbler

  1. my mom’s cat, whose name was also Tigger, died a few years ago. my mom was absolutely devastated. she used to give tigger “tiggymassages” every night- tigger would jump up in her arms and lay back on her back and my mom would massage her shoulders and spine… LOL they were too much.
    i know how you feel. we all cried when our dog Teddy died. he just transcended the “pet” and became part of our family. it’s always hard to have to deal with the fact that our furry family members are a bit more finite than we are, and i’m sorry you’re going through this. :(
    but hey, look at it this way, he’s probably having a ball up in the big mouse barn in the sky.

    • stinky rubdown

      wow – that’s pretty creepy, tigger would come in *every night* for his rub down as well. matter of fact in the middle of the night he’d occasionally head butt me if he felt like he needed another quick rubdown.

      yeah, i definitely considered him a friend. i’m sure he’s living large in a much better place. i just can’t wait to visit again.

      *kisses* thanks for the well wishes!

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