Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains

Spending waaay too much time surfing today. Came up with some films I remembered from the days of “Night Flight” on USA. Stains deserves notice first and foremost as a welcome respite from all those mush-brained John Hughes teen epics of the ‘80s.

The fabulous Diane Lane plays Corinne Burns, a sexy, angst-ridden teen who’s ready to take out her anxiety on an unsuspecting world. With a couple of her mates including a lanky young Laura Dern she forms a rock group without bothering to learn how to sing or play.

The Stains get their first taste of success tagging along with a punk band, The Looters, and a busload of fading rockers the appropriately named Metal Corpses and a British band composed of ex-Sex Pistols Paul Cook and Steve Jones and Clash bassist Paul Simonon. In the inexplicable way such things happen, Corinne and her pals leapfrog the men and become overnight stars, in spite of sounding much like the early Shaggs.

Clever Corinne pioneers an apparently unforgettable look “skunk” hairdo, lightning eye makeup, little black lace panties and follows up the image by verbally assaulting her audience and droning songs with too apt titles like “I’m a Waste of Time.” She energizes what looks like an army of teen girls, who become clones of her right down to the hair and panties and duplicitous screaming mantra “We don’t put out!”

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