My Lil’ Stinky Kitty

I learned an expensive lesson this weekend. Don’t leave string or thread around if you’ve got a cat or dog. Had to bring Tigger into the vet last night because he got a piece of thread caught on his tongue and it wrapped itself around his insides. They had to cut him open in 4 places to get the thread out, after telling me they might not be able to save him at all.

John and I were coming back from the vet and picked up our mail from the day before, I got a letter from my dad in it. His letter was talking about how there are people in the world called “Good Finders” and they find good in all kinds of places. Wow – how did he know I could have used that letter at that very moment.

Here’s the good I’ve found – don’t take anything for granted, especially the ones you love. I hope sharing my experience will help avoid this happening to someone else. I found that my dad is more insightful then I sometimes give him credit for, my husband is a pragmatist and no matter how good of a face I put on when I’m hurting, it shows. And I’ve found that I’m lucky for each day I’m alive. Tonight i’ll be at home snuggling with my lil’ kitty.

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