I’m Just A Bill

On the way home from work yesterday I saw “the bill that became a law” from School House Rock.

All school buses must stop at a railroad track regardless if the lights are blinking or arm is down.

Makes me smile every time I see it and then break into song of course.

One thought on “I’m Just A Bill

  1. In reference to the analyzation of “American Pie,” it is quite possible that “the Players” are actually The Band. The Band did not become truly separated from being Dylan’s backup band until Dylan had his motorcycle wreck. This allowed The Band to create their own separate fame. Just thought I’d let you know what I thought about that. I really don’t believe that the players are actually the Rolling Stones because it comes just a little too early in the chronological order of the song. If you have any comments to what I think, e-mail me at ms_crafty530@yahoo.com

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