Moonay is Swiss for “Bull of the Herd”

I’m talking about Mooney Warther. This, of course, begs the obvious question: Who the heck is Mooney Warther? Frankly, the man was a genius with a knife and a piece of wood, and a bit of an oddball genius at that, which is always the best kind.

Researching family history to get an idea for the tattoo John wants, I came across the sites for his grandfather’s musuem in Dover, Ohio.  The best way to learn Mooney’s story is to tour the Warther Museum, during the Crossroads Rally. With its intricately hand-carved replicas of steam engines, this is not your typical museum. The intricate detail in these hand carved models is unbelievable. The Smithsonian Institute has declared them priceless.

We are going to visit for the first annual family reunion in July. I can’t wait. One person said “What we saw was too incredible to adequately describe, but I’ll try. It has to rate at the top of all the man made things I have ever seen.”

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