What Is My Big Orange Stinky?

Not exactly sure what started that search, maybe it’s that another cat adopted John. That’s right , they seem to adopt him instead of the other way around. The newest member of our family cute lil’ gray and white and pink kitty name Mojo Jojo Jingle Cat – yes he comes with bells on and was named by 3 of the neighbor girls after a character from the Powerpuff Girls.

After a bit of research, I think Tigger is a marbled bengal cat because torbie or tabby’s don’t have the white underbelly and the marbling he does. They are described as

“First and most important, Bengals are fun! How lucky we all are to have pets like these! Are we too enthusiastic? Nah, Bengals really are charming as well as great to look at. From traits such as playing in water and playing fetch (they think they are dogs), Bengals are a step above other felines when it comes to playtime. Bengals do bond with their owners. If you have more than one cat, they will not depend on you as much. If you have only one Bengal, be prepared for a sleeping buddy, and a lap cat. When you come home, they greet you with a need for love.”

That couldn’t describe him better. Now to figure out what Tasha and Lumpy are.

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