Thoughts From The NoEnder List

I think we are more evolved than animals but reading this, still did strike a cord. So I responded back to the list after reading it.

When you see a National Geographic picture of a cheetah downing a zebra, do you think about good and evil, or just survival?

We can argue about tactics, but if we abandon faith in our ability to shape our own reality then I’m afraid we cease to be truly human.

Suppose this is our true nature – to survive at any cost? And those who are the most devious or treacherous have the best chances for survival?

Are we too idealistic and subjective in our criticism of other cultures?

I heard a military person the other day asking where the protesters have been the last twelve years while Saddam was murdering thousands to millions (figures vary, but they are a lot) of his own people and neighbors, yet are suddenly appalled when we fight back and do something about it. Probably for the same reason GW Bush is appalled by four soldiers getting killed by a suicide bomber as we send in a quarter million troops; nobody plays fair, and morals are all relative (and go out the window real fast when you’re looking down the barrel of a gun).

The fault, Horatio, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.

Violence is the wrong way to solve our problems – but it seems to work, and bombs are just a more efficient means to do what flipping off a motorist or blocking traffic with a bicycle does.

Something to ponder.

BTW – The “No-Ender” list was an email started in the mid-90’s made up of software workers mostly in the North End of San Fransicso. It has been a staple for me along with the Goodtimes list, WWWAC list, Craig’s list and the Web405 list.

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