Download Your Brain?

Anyone else ever get the desire to download their brain and insert a search tool? For all the processing speed your mind has and all the “hard drive” space you could imagine, there just isn’t an intuitive finder feature

It was 1996 and I remember thinking that the “Unforgettable” movie website was the absolute end all be all at that moment. It included a search tool for entering random words and pulling up a memory someone had entered in the site associated with that word. It’s not on the site any more and no web search has uncovered it. Any one familiar with the site?

I’m stuck on a similar idea to build a tool to catalog my blog with a memory search in addition to a general word search. Sure I can use some of the Google tools and there are people building LiveJournal searching functions but I want it here (or in my brain)

One thought on “Download Your Brain?

  1. LiveJournal has a memory feature where you can associate any post with up to 5 keywords of your choice and then pull up lists of posts by keyword. It may not be quite what you’re looking for since each user has their own list rather than a site-wide collaborative list, but it’s neat in its own right.

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