Abondanza! A Blast from the Past.

Found myself having a conversation with a co-worker who grew up not too far from me in Connecticut. This lead to the inevitable trip down memory lane online via the Springfield Advocate, which is now Valley Advocate.

Got to thinking about local restaurants we used to visit and came across a review of the Lido Ristorante on Worthington Street. I remembering going to eat there before or after hockey games, always on the weekends because the commissioner of the AHL lived in town so home games were on Friday and Saturdays.

Recall one time I went to Lido’s with my dad and step-mom. My boyfriend at the time was bend out of shape I was going to spend time at my dad’s house that weekend, so he drove into the Lido’s parking lot and stole my dad’s license plate. He figured we’d get pulled over and I’d come home that night to be with him – not the first mouse out of the maze that one.

I love being taken down memory lane when you least expect it.

One thought on “Abondanza! A Blast from the Past.

  1. my friend regina and i went to high school together, but we didnt know eachother – hell, we only met like a year and a half ago at the book store. I was looking at some book, and she looked at me, looked away, then looked back and was all “oh my god, its YOU” and i was all “um . . . miss i think you have the wrong person” and she was all “no, its you! you were the weird kid in english class!”

    every now and then we take lil’ trips down memory lane – its kinda interisting hearing things from her perspective (especially since the crew i hung out with mostly and i didnt really fit in with the schools scene, and she did fit in with the schools scene).

    ah . . . memory lane . . .

    the gift of memory . . . or the curse of memory.

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