Readin’ and Rightin’

I always fall back into reading when I’m sans computer. It’s a good thing, I should schedule it to blow up more often. In the past week I’ve read Fraud and Stupid White Men. In the library now to get Downsize This.

So thankful to have the library right around the corner, because I really can’t buy any more books until I move into a bigger place. I’ve got the bookcase in the kitchen, 3 in the living room, the wine rack in the dining room has turned into one, 2 shelves in the front room, all 6 shelves on the desk, the inside of the wood bench, the closet in my room, under each of the side tables by the bed and a stack on the floor, not including the random ones strewn about the house.

Am I addicted or what? I should go get a book about that.

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